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  The Romanian Association for Accommodation and Ecological Tourism - "BED&BREAKFAST" was founded in 2001, according to the Court Decision no 99/PJ/2001.
  Considering the directions shaped within the European Union concerning the extension and the lead our country is following for the process of the integration, the establishment of the Association comes as an answer to a widespread phenomenon throughout the entire economic environment: brand organization, label registration.

  In 2001, on November 28th, the Romanian Association for Accommodation and Ecological Tourism registered its product "B&B" and logo "You are at home, wherever you may travel!" at OSIM (Romanian Body for brand registration), thus ensuring the protection of its brand and mark, as according to the Proof of the Name's Availability no 3702. In consistency to Law no 84/1998, the B&B brand was registered and obtained protection throughout the territory of Romania for a period of ten years starting from November 28th 2001.
  By registering the B&B brand, Romania was listed as one of the countries that promote the "B&B" product, which is so widespread throughout Europe.

   "Bed and Breakfast" Brand  

  The Romanian Association for Accommodation and Ecological Tourism has chosen the "BED & BREAKFAST - B&B" product for the purpose of rediscovering nature and local traditions by foreign and Romanian tourists.   Known as the "Guest House", the "B&B" brand acknowledges the difference between staying in a private home and in an inn, motel or hotel.

  The "B&B" concept refers to the accommodation and breakfast offer within private homes, which ensure a family like atmosphere, as an alternative to common hotel accommodation, also including the opportunity of business traveling, sightseeing of historical, cultural and recreational sites.

  "B&B" is a system of accommodation which involves the family management. It may also include other types of tourist accommodation structures: furbished apartments, rooms for rent, restaurants which also offer accommodation, holiday homes, accommodation in monasteries, camping sites, hotels.

B&B Product

   The "Bed and Breakfast" Logo  

  The "B&B" responds to the increase in tourist demand registered in the last few years, thus demonstrating that this form of tourism has always manifested itself by local hospitality in rural and urban environments, both at the seaside and mountain areas. Adopting the "B&B" term and logo has become a necessity because:

  • It concisely defines the type of rendered service and the target tourism sector;
  • It addresses a tourist category which registers a rapid development;
  • The "B&B" facilities cannot be fully covered by traditional tourism;
  • It offers a greater freedom of action for the tourist.

B&B Logo

   The certification of the quality management system ISO 9001:2001  

  The demand for the quality management system is part of the community acquis and is subscribed as part of the National Adhering Programme of Romania to the EU.

  Considering this, the Romanian Association for Accommodation and Ecological Tourism - Bed and Breakfast (ARCTE B&B) is the only non-profit organization (NGO) to develop and implement its own quality management system, based on the demands of SR EN ISO 9001:2001.

  On May 13th 2004, CERTIND - the most advanced certification body in Romania, has certified that the association ARCTE B&B has documented, implemented and maintained a quality management system, in agreement to the ISO 9001:2001 and SR EN ISO 9001:2001 standards, in the activity field, marked under the code CAEN 911. This code belongs to the tourism activities, private brand, consultancy and classification in the field (certificate no. 016/2004 with a validity of 3 years).

  • Quality Declaration of ARCTE B&B President (RO)

    ISO 9001:2001

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