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   The main goal of the Association is to promote, throughout Romania, the European " Bed and Breakfast " (accommodation and breakfast) system for foreign or Romanian clients, either living here or in transit for business purposes, the watering treatments or ecological tourism.

   The second goal is to make the most of the private accommodation opportunities, the tourist potential, creating new jobs, increasing the incomes of the private pension owners, developing and building-up inter-personal, cultural and professional relationships, with Romanian and foreign partners interested in promoting the Romanian business and tourism according to high-standard European norms.

   In order to fulfill these goals, the following objectives are being considered:

1. establishing, developing and consolidating relationships with foreign partners with experience in the field of promoting small privates boarding facilities, especially ecological ones, as well as developing tourism and introducing ecological tourism by joining international chains;

2. developing high quality standards for the services offered by Romanian Bed and Breakfast facilities, offering counseling and training for implementing them, as well as the constant audit of these facilities, together with foreign organizations;

3. creating a body of specialists capable of introducing and promoting, throughout Romania, the " Bed and Breakfast" accommodation system, especially the ecological one; the body should also establish if the Romanian or foreign pensions observe the European norms on ecological tourism;

4. introducing in the national terminology and service offer the new "Bed and Breakfast" (accommodation and breakfast) accommodation system for people interested in business, treatment or tourism;

5. implementing the Know How of European countries as Italy and Germany by developing a local "accommodation and breakfast" network. The focus shall be on private or/and tourist facilities that observe the conditions imposed by the specific domestic and international regulations;

6. creating the Training and Audit Center for Ecological Tourism (T.A.C.E.T. - B&B) and organizing training courses for the administrators of B&B tourist facilities structures;

7. creating and developing a rapid communication system, of the intranet type, which would allow accessing the information vital to beneficiaries and tourists (vacancies, areas, prices etc.) in real time/at any moment;

8. creating a database of available private accommodation facilities, the Romanian facilities that shall be audited, authorized and included in the accommodation system mentioned above or in the ecological tourism chain;

9. building-up relationships with state and local officials in order to get support for fulfilling the goals set by the Association, for finding out ways to reach the community aquis in terms of ecological accommodation and tourism, including the quality standards;

10. performing intense activities for creating the necessary impact for promoting in Romania the "Bed and Breakfast" accommodation system and the new form of tourism, the ecological one (symposiums, seminars, press conferences, commercials, publications, advertising material, etc.);

11. auditing and offering counseling and support to facility or/and service owners in Romania or abroad. Their final audit and/or authorization shall be done by organized specific neuter structures from Romania or abroad;

12. organizing training and specialization courses, typical for the goal to be fulfilled;

13. creating and promoting new short-time strategies for offering and further developing the services;

14. the association shall offer counseling and assistance to potential beneficiaries from abroad, especially from Central and East-European countries;

15. promoting co-financing national and international projects in order to fulfill the goals and objectives of the Association, but also to extend partnerships;

16. preserving, restoring and protecting the environment, the natural sanctuaries; protecting and preserving the historical monuments (architectural, religious, etc);

17. creating and promoting an annual area top;

18. periodic editing of informative and specialty materials;

19. creating information centers on business and tourist accommodation;

20. gathering other associations, as well, into a federation that has the same goals and objectives;

21. the Association shall establish companies that will operate for its benefit;

22. performing any other direct economic activities, if they are accessory and closely related to the main goal set by the legal person;

23. promoting and spreading the European innovative spirit in the cultural field, taking into consideration regional differences.

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